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Operator of the Register

Customer Service / Summit Food Trading Ltd Oy
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Name of the register

Customer and Supplier Register of Summit Food Trading Ltd

The purpose and legal justification of the register

The purpose of collecting data is to manage and maintain cooperation between the company and its business customers and suppliers. Data is also collected for marketing purposes. The data in the register is used for the company's own direct marketing, unless the customer or the supplier has denied direct marketing.

Purchasing and all other transaction data, as well as location data in the register, can be used for profiling purposes as well as for targeting marketing efforts and customer or supplier communication. Data is also processed when sending newsletters and when participating in events or exhibitions and in case of other marketing activities.

Data is handled and processed to ensure the legitimate interest of the Operator of the register.
If a registered business customer or supplier does not fill in the information requested on the contact form, the Operator of the register cannot accept the contact form nor commit to the agreement between the Administrator of the register and the registered entity.

Retention of personal data

Personal data will be retained as long as it is needed for the fulfillment of the actions requested in the registration form. The retention time depends on the collected data, e.g. according to the Accounting Act, invoicing data will be kept for six years. We will only keep the contact form data with the registered consent.

Description of a Registered Group and the Content of Information

The register contains business customers’ and suppliers’ personal data.
Customers and suppliers may add e.g. following information to the contact forms: email addresses, phone numbers and addresses.

Sources of Information

The data is received from the contact person or company, customer and supplier data base and invoicing data.

Disclosure of information

As a rule, personal data will not be disclosed outside the organization. Personal data required by the bookkeeping will be forwarded to the accounting company of Summit Food Trading Ltd.

However, personal data may be disclosed for example to authorities on the basis of the customer or supplier relationship and Summit Food Trading Ltd's agreement or due to the existing legislation.

Data is not transmitted outside the EU or EEA.

Principles of registry protection

The data is kept technically protected. Physical access to data is blocked by access control and other security measures. Any access to data requires adequate rights and multi-stage recognition. Unauthorized access is also prevented by firewalls and technical protection. Only Administrator of the Register and separately appointed technical persons can have access to data. Only designated persons have the right to process and maintain the information in the register. Users are bound by the confidentiality obligation. The registration information is backed up safely and will be returned if needed.

The Rights of the Registered

  • The registered entities have the right to inspect the data stored in the register and to obtain copies. The request for verification must be made in written and addressed to the Operator of the Register.
  • The Operator of the Register corrects, removes or supplements the personal data of the registered entity if data is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or out of date for the purpose of processing, either on their own initiative or at the request of the registered entity. Registered entity must contact the Officer of the Register in written to correct the data.
  • Insofar as the processing of personal data is based on the consent of the registered entity, the registered entity has the right to withdraw consent at any time. 
  • The registered entity has the right to file a complaint about the processing of personal data to the supervisory authorities.
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